Patrice Martin


By Patrice Martin

The nose behind the fragrance IMPERIAL is Patrice MARTIN, the fragrance of 2018!

Opulent Men’s range is a delicious “woody chypre”. Spicy, aromatic and Citrusy depicting business, official and ceremonial elements of the  Imperials life.

The scents are blended to compliment a lavish royal lifestyle yet remain as exotic, mysterious and timeless as the shimmering desert sands. 

IMPERIAL is an irresistible fusion of elegance, masculinity and dignity, a celebration of the awe-inspiring personality .

An irresistible fragrance that speaks lovingly of the romance and passion of the prince. 

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, lavender and basil.

Middle notes: geranium, cloves, apple and cinnamon

Base notes: cedar, patchouli,  oakmoss, labdanum, vanilla and musk.