Patrice Martin


By Patrice Martin

TABAC GOURMAND was created by the French perfumer Patrice MARTIN in 2018 year. A gourmand, marzipan-like fruit chewiness greets you at the gate — the combination of the scent's multi-faceted cinnamon-vanilla-like tonka note combined with vanilla, cocoa, and dried fruit. 

But as they hit you, they're joined by mellow, even aged tobacco notes that add a dry elegance and club room gravitas to its subtle sweetness.

Just as soon as you almost feel like you can sink your teeth into it, it sinks its teeth into you, and you're a goner.

Tabac Gourrmand is some heady stuff. Perfect for the gourmand perfume lover who wants a bit of an edge. 

A Oriental Spicy fragrance for Women and Men. 

Top notes: tobacco leaf and spicy notes

Middle notes:  tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao

Base notes:  dried fruits, woody